Ani Rich

Jan 28, 2021

4 min read

How To Deal with any inner “issue”

In this blog, I’m going to share my favorite way of dealing with my unconscious self and uncover answers to my questions.

A little disclaimer; This is not a quick fix for your problems. In fact, no one can give you a quick fix. It’s always a process; It can last for hours, days, weeks, months. It all depends on how conscious, aware, and connected we are. And how ready we are to hear the truth.

Now that you know that I’m not offering a magical pill here let's dive into the topic.

We all have certain beliefs in life that lead us to our life patterns. Some of those beliefs are conscious when others are unconscious.

Working on conscious beliefs is easier than changing unconscious ones. Because we simply aren’t aware of them.

How do you become aware?

If you always attract critical women, we can say that there is something within you that needs to change in order for you not to be an energetical match for critical women.

If you constantly find yourself sabotaging your happiness, there might be a pattern that needs to be uncovered and changed.

All you have to do is to ask yourself a simple question and be very specific. Why do I always attract critical women? What is in me that attracts them? What changes do I need to implement in my life to change my pattern?

Ask yourself. Ask it out loud. You can even write down the questions. When you ask the question second important step is to let go of the attachment and completely let go of the expectation of what you are going to find. You can’t obsessively think about something and get the answer.

When you are obsessed with something you become one with it. When you become one with something you become attached to it. To get answers to your questions you need to have space within, you need to be attuned and intuitive. You need your mind to be relaxed in order for the answers to be able to come to you.

It’s like when you forget the name of something or someone and you think and think and you don’t seem to remember it and the moment you forget about it the answer comes to you and you remember the name again.

Ask a question and let it go. During the day you can remind yourself about the question and sit there and listen. Only in silence, you can hear your answers. Ask a question and sit quietly. Or ask a question and go on by your day and it will come to you by itself.

You can’t merely hear what another person has to say unless you become quiet and listen. You can’t hear what your inner wisdom has to say if you don’t become silent and listen.

When you ask a question why do I attract critical women? The question is out there so you might suddenly attract a book where the same issue is raised and answered, or watch a movie, hear someone talk about something that will give you the answer. Or you just might intuitively get the answer.

Our brain is like a computer and when you give it an order it will go into your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind to search for the “files” you need to answer your question. Your subconscious mind remembers everything. There is no separation and time for your subconscious mind. The only thing you need is for your conscious mind to become aware of some information you need to answer your question.

Be a researcher of your own self. Be curious about yourself. Try to understand yourself, why do you do certain things this way and not that way, where do your beliefs come from, what are your beliefs or limiting beliefs, what are some patterns that don’t serve you and need to change. Ask yourself questions and it will give you the answers. No one knows you, even you don’t know YOU. You can never fully know you, but you can understand yourself to a certain degree.

Understanding yourself will not only benefit you but you will understand humanity a tiny bit better.

You can question yourself not only to uncover patterns and traumas but to answer any question; Should I change my job? Should I move to a certain state? Is it the right time to break up with my partner? Which way should I choose today to go home?

You can ask your inner intelligence any question and you will get the answers if you are willing to listen.

Why understand yourself?

By understanding yourself you befriend yourself. Instead of being against yourself, you start to live a life where you try to bring value to yourself with every thought you think, every word you say, and every action you take. And when you do those things, when you care about your well-being life becomes so much more fulfilling and meaningful.

Originally published at on January 28, 2021.