This is how You Can Be More Creative, Productive, Fulfilled and Successful

Inspiration doesn’t come from doing, it comes from being. Creativity doesn’t arise from overthinking it arises from the present, peaceful mind.

When you want to create anything, just stop and sit. Sit alone and be, just be. Don’t eat, drink, watch anything, or even brainstorm ideas. Just get a paper and a pen and sit in the silence. Give your mind a direct task before you sit and then let go of the task and surrender.

For example when I’m writing a blog post. I ask my brain, my intuition, my self; “What it is that I want to write that will also bring value to my readers?” and then I sit and look out in the space. I don’t think about my question I don’t try to get ideas I just sit and listen.

When you want to create, you need to get the idea, the inspiration. You can’t get inspiration when your mind is full of noise and clutter. If you are angry, anxious, overthinking, trying, attached, forcing… You can’t accommodate a new idea in your mind.

If one plane is landing another can’t land at the same time at the same spot. There would be no space for it and two planes will crash. So if your mind is busy thinking and thinking about the thoughts and attaching to the thoughts and trying to get the thoughts and forcing thoughts, everything will crash and there will be chaos in the brain.

When the mind’s whole energy goes into keeping up with the chaos, it will have no energy left for attracting new ideas. You are using your beautiful vital energy unintentionally. Rather leave everything you have been doing, that is not working and try to do something new, that will work.

Forget the doing, forcing, and thinking. Just be and listen. Sit down alone in the room with no distractions. Leave your gadgets outside of that room and bring only your notebook or a computer (make sure you are not going to get notifications on your computer). And sit and wait. Don’t wait for the thoughts to come. Just sit and listen, let go of every expectation, and only have the curiosity of the unknown. Don’t sit there to get the ideas just sit there so you can see what can happen. Just surrender. Sit and listen to your intuition, sounds around you, to your heart bit. Don’t listen to your thoughts just be aware of them and let them go as they arise. If you cling to any thought then you will be thinking about the thought and you will already be in the midst of creating chaos, without you even realizing it.

Then the idea will arise, another one, the third one and suddenly you will find yourself in flow, creating one of your best works.

To be unique in this world, we need to 1. Let us be the best versions of ourselves and 2. Unlearn everything we learned until this point and start learning new, better, more efficient, more fulfilling ways of doing, achieving, and creating. More being, less doing, if understood and applied correctly, is one of the most powerful lessons you can learn in your whole life.

Originally published at on January 14, 2021.




Women’s Spiritual Coach

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Ani Rich

Ani Rich

Women’s Spiritual Coach

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