Your Own Thoughts Can Kill You

Ani Rich
5 min readFeb 11, 2021


I haven’t gotten cold or sick for the last 1 year and a half.

If I would have gotten a soar throat I would have started cleaning and clearing myself energetically and the next day I would have felt perfectly healthy.

Before when my son or his dad would have gotten cold I was always getting it from them. One day I literally said Enough, no more. I don’t have to be sick when they are sick. And that was the day I stopped getting sick. Quite a few times they had a cold and I was feeling wonderful, no matter how much my son coughed or sneezed into my face. (Because he’s a 3-year-old and all they want is to be hugged when they don’t feel well)

Up until recently, I haven’t had a long-term health imbalance. And the only thing that has changed was my thinking.

My son had a cold. And my thinking wasn’t as positive as usual. I had a big awakening (yet again) so I was feeling very down, which is usual at that time. When you become aware of your life patterns, habits, and where they come from, when your whole childhood makes sense to you and you can finally fully connect it to your adulthood and to your adult choices, the first reaction is to fall mentally and physically. At that time a person’s whole perception dies and new is born. It’s a death and a reborn in a way.

When he got cold, I was lying next to him as he was falling asleep and he coughed in my face I was already so discouraged from going through my death and reborn cycle that I felt fear. It wasn’t like a strong belief of There is no way I’m getting anything, it became I shouldn’t breathe his cough so I don’t get it. And boom that was it, I got it. I willingly opened the door for the “disease”, I let fear inside of me so it brought all the “fun stuff” with him.

Even when I got it, I gave up. I didn’t have the mental strength to start clearing and cleaning all the blockages from my energy centers, to stay present with it. So I willingly stayed in that unhealthy physical state for days.

Our beliefs shape our lives. What I believe will always become true to me and what you believe will become true to you. So make sure your beliefs are up to date. Beliefs are also moldable and removable.

The only thing you need to change the belief is 1. The awareness 2. The willingness to change and 3. Actually taking necessary steps for changing and transforming them. There also is a 4th step that is often overlooked but is equally important as the other three. 4. Have in mind that no matter how hard you try there might be a moment where you fall and do not let that moment define the whole experience and do not let that moment of weakness be the final one. Let yourself be enough and stand up whenever you find the strength to do so. Do not let your story end there you might start a completely different chapter, your whole road might change but at least you aren’t giving up on yourself and you aren’t going to stay static.

Life always moves forward and if you choose to stay static then you aren’t moving along your life.

Everything in your life is determined by your beliefs and faith. While faith is a deep knowing in the body it’s also a belief in the mind, the strongest one in my opinion.

If you want to transform your life, start by transforming your beliefs.

People die because they give up on their lives. People get diseases because they think they are vulnerable to them. Healthy People aren’t able to have children because of some belief that was formed at some point in their lives. There are people who get cancer and say No way, I’m not going to die so they live when others accept the reality of having cancer so they die.

Here is one way you can work on improving your beliefs.

Every limiting belief was created in you as a negative affirmation. It was told to you by your surroundings over and over until it becomes the belief for you. On the other hand, positive affirmations tend to create beliefs that bring value to our lives. But the thing is that we hear way fewer positive affirmations than negative ones.

Carve out at least 30 min to an hour for yourself and for you to be able to have a more happy fulfilling life:

Take a paper and a pen: Write down all the beliefs that you have about money, health, relationships, career, life, love, family, faith. You can do it all together or choose a specific topic and write about it first before you move onto another. When you write everything down know this; that paper holds the key for your life. Now you can see what drives you and your life exactly. And why you are who you are and why you are wherever you are.

Read each belief out loud and remember where it came from. Question every single belief that you wrote down and ask yourself a question every time you read a new one Is this true to me and why yes or why no. Now ask yourself to replace every outdated limiting belief with the new one. And from the outdated belief system create a new system that is up to date. You can choose to do it step by step, you can do it at the same time. The only thing I would suggest is to first write down all the beliefs together so you can see them clearly. Next, you can question and replace them at the same time or do it in 2 steps. The choice is all yours.

The last step and one of the most important ones is to make sure to internalize the updated belief system and let go of the old one.

You can internalize the new belief system by affirming it every day. By repeating affirmations you can reprogram your mind. Say it out loud every single day, write it every single day. Not 2 and 3 times but as many times as possible. Reprogramming your mind needs a consistent repetition of new beliefs and the way to that is an affirmation.

Originally published at on February 11, 2021.